It Is Always Right to Write


The 2nd Write Tool Summit which was held at De La Salle University College of St. Benilde was EXTREMELY FUN! The speakers were really FAMOUS, REALLY! And they’re pretty entertaining and funny too…I liked their incredible speeches (which really inspired me). My favorite speakers were Ms. Charie S. Villa, Ms. Maria Ressa, Prof. Danton Remoto (who had a very good sense of  humor), and Ms. Bianca Catbagan.

We believe that Philippines is a one undiscovered place,” quoted Ms. Charie S. Villa (Head ABS-CBN online and Regional Network Group), during her inspiring and encouraging speech. She spoke about “reading the news/ knowing the happenings in the internet instead of newspaper.” I really liked her topic and it is very interesting. She also quoted, “I read what I want, whenever I want, wherever I want to.” She also talked about photos (just a little bit), and the funny part was “No picture, it didn’t happen.” It means that if you have no picture of the event you are saying about, then it didn’t happen. She also talked about the famous “anti-Epal bill” which my teacher usually jokes about  that’s why I’m kind of familiar.

Rappler’s Executive Editor, Ms. Maria Ressa talked about “Social Media for Social change.” Social media has been a  HOT topic since the year 2009. It is also the number 1 activity of the web. I also learned a new word, DOPAMINE which means ADDICTION: Technology keeps us on perpetual emotional high.Also, internet website floods our brains with dopamine. She also talked about OBESITY: obesity appears to spread through social ties…both good and bad behaviors might spread over a range of social ties. Her closing quote was,”Great things happen because people take risks.”

I liked the humor Prof. Danton Remoto (Desk Manager and Head of Research News 5). He is part of the “Lad-lad” political party (the one and only gay party). He talked about citizen journalism. The personal experience at the heart  of citizen journalism should be linked to the social context. The famous saying, “With freedom comes responsibility,” also works best during calamities and disasters. He shared that 60 million Filipinos have cellular phones and 600 million text messages are sent daily in the Philippines.

Telling stories and photography was the topic that Ms. Bianca Catbagan (Young filmmaker and director of “Suntok sa Buwan,” a Filipino movie about boxing). She taught us the different options we can use with our camera like exposure, shutter speed, aperture, analogy, ISO, and white balance. She also taught us awesome and cool techniques like creating lines, pattern and symmetry, point of view, depth/depth of field, and framing using a camera. She also (once again) introduced the famous “Rule of Thirds.” And she told us what the “magic hour” is- it is the first hour of light  after sunrise and  last hour of light before sunset. Photojournalism is all about knowing all elements, being quick on your feet, and telling an interesting story.

Every participant  really enjoyed the event today at the De La Salle University-College of St. Benilde. We all learned so much from our lecturers. We had a chance to take pictures and autographs. Tomorrow is also a very big day! I’m very excited now, I just can’t wait to participate in the contests of the 2nd National Write Tool Summit. So, I hope that we will really enjoy the other activities tomorrow. I can’t wait to WRITE more! 😉

WINNING BLOG–Awarded Certificate of Merit by the 2nd Write Tool National Summit held at Dela Salle College of St. Benilde on Feb. 23-24.


2 thoughts on “It Is Always Right to Write

  1. Hi Anak! I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you! I know God has a lot of good things prepared for you. Use your talents and gifts for His glory. I love and miss you, anak. We will celebrate when I come back. Congratulations to you, to mommy, and to the participants from HGBA!

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