Boracay: a chilling place


Have you ever heard about Boracay? I’m sure that your answer is positively “yes.” It is very popular because of its unique and incredible white sand.

  Back when I was still a baby, we went to Boracay. I really enjoyed the beach because of its cool appearance and I was able to say “wow!”  I enjoyed the colors and its nature very much.

Oh, whenever I hear the word “Boracay,” I always stir into their talk and talk about the cool and amazing things about Boracay.

“Really? You don’t know Boracay?” That’s our “dialog” whenever somebody says that he/she doesn’t know Boracay. I mean, Oh, come on! You must know something about Boracay!

Alphabet starts with A,B,C, numbers start with 1,2,3, music starts with do-re-mi, and the most beautiful place in the world starts with Bo-ra-cay! I really love and like Boracay…I can’t even shut my mouth now because of the word “Boracay!”

Chilling place is the name I call for Boracay. It is because, it is hot, cool, amazing, beautiful, and WOW! I also can’t stop saying “WOW” right now:).

Another thing that is cool about Boracay is not only the white sand but the breeze and the unique birds. Those birds are not just dove, or any other common birds. They are unique like the robin redbreast.

Yes, Boracay is a must-go place to have vacation and to have fun. Boracay is something we must go to because of the cool things I already mentioned.

We need and we have to like Boracay not because of its popularity. It is because of our Philippine nature. We must be proud of Boracay because it is “freshly” made from our country. 🙂


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