I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston!

Have you ever heard of Whitney Houston? She’s a music legend! She sang one of the  biggest hit songs ,”I will always love you.”  She left a pretty big and useful legacy in the music industry.

Whenever somebody sings a song of Whitney, I always lurk in and join the song especially when I hear the sweet murmur of the song, “I will always love you!”

Houston’s death was a pretty bad happening in the music industry. I was surprised when I knew that she died at the young age of 48! According to the rumors, Whitney died because of  drug addiction. She died at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 11,2012.

I‘m so glad that Whitney contributed music into our lives because music is one of the living things that people need  especially for musicians like me 🙂 (hope you get the logic).

Together, let’s not exclude Whitney into our minds. Let’s think of what Whitney had done good to our music history.

No one can beat the way Whitney hits the high notes especially when she sings the end of the song “I will always love you”.

Eternal she will be to people like me :). Even though she is dead, her music will always alive to music lovers. I can always opt to listen to her unforgettable recordings.

Yes, Whitney had experienced the rise and fall of her popularity in showbiz especially  in the music industry but I will sing first: “And I, will always love you…Oh…”  I will always love you, WHITNEY!


4 thoughts on “I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston!

  1. Winning piece again!

    8th place, Feature Writing in English during the 1st Teodoro Valencia Search for Outstanding Campus Journalists held at School of St. Anthony, Singalong, Manila on Feb. 13 and 29. More than 77 campus journalists (Elementary level) from Metro Manila participated in this prestigious competition.

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