Charice’s New Look: What a SHOCK!

Charice's new look: What's with the blonde hair and the tattoo?

Have you seen her new, yellow/blonde hair? Have you seen her  tattoo that says “Love…Eternally?” No offense to everyone but, for me….I don’t like Charice’s new look….

According to the rumors, her hair was influenced by Yeng Constantino and her tattoo, from Aiza Seguerra. This is called having a peer pressure to famous artists like Yeng and Aiza.

I was very SURPRISED when I knew that she had a tattoo…I hope it’s just a henna tattoo because she’s still young! It doesn’t really fit her identity and her personality!

I think she wants to be an American that’s why she colored her hair, blonde and had a tattoo…But she has to know that she will never be an American! She’s born here in the Philippines!

About the tattoo: I don’t like it on her because it really doesn’t fit her very young age, and she’s just ruining the complexion of her smooth skin!

But, here’s a good thing: it doesn’t matter how Charice looks..What matters most is her beautiful and rockin’ voice :)….Even though she looks like a person that I don’t like…I still LOVE her because of her COOL AND ROCKIN’ VOICE!!! 🙂

Remember: do not look at the appearance…Look at the inside of her…She ROCKS my heart out when she sings! 🙂


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