Finding a New Rhythm by Pen Tapping

Dougie Pen Tap 🙂 (please watch it!)

Have you ever made a rhythm by tapping a pen? Well, the famous “pen tap” taps it again! Pen tap is really happening! In our school, it is very famous and I also pen tap with my friends with the famous and thrilling song,  “Teach me how to Dougie.”

Pen tapping has a cool sound…Can’t you believe that?! Pens are not only made for writing, but for making music! COOL! 🙂

In pen tapping, there are basic moves like Bass, click, snare, scratch, hi-hat/slap, left hand snare, and second hand tap. Then, their are cool sounding moves…And, just have fun pen tappin’!

Pen tapping is not just tapping a pen that makes the sound, “tap, tap, tap,” making a cool sound with an ordinary pen is following the basic moves that I told you earlier.

I’m not that rockin’ pen tapping gal…I just pen tap wherever I am and whenever I want. Pen tapping doesn’t need a lesson like piano lesson and guitar lessons! You can just tap you’re pen and swing into the music that you’re playing with! It’s that EASY!

Watch the video that I linked…You’ll see how easy is pen tapping :)…You’ll enjoy the sound with the song, “Teach me how to Dougie!”

Remember: Pen tapping will always be SIMPLE, don’t be jealous if someone is better than you, just think that you’ll improve MORE!…NOBODY is PERFECT!


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