My Last Day of Being a Grade 5 Student

Our last day of classes was held on March 16, 2012 …We had a program and it was really fun! But, at the end of our program (the time that we have to say “GOODBYE”) was very sad :(…

First, we had our opening remarks which was delivered by me…I couldn’t say anything…Then, finally, I spoke,”Good morning! Today, is our last day and we should take our time to have fun, hug our friends or kiss them, and…PARTY PARTY!”

Then, my 3 classmates (Sophia, Daizee, and Elisha) which are addicted to Korean singers, “Girls Generation,” danced and sang the song “Danger.” They are really good at dancing ;)…They always practice EVERYDAY if we have a “free time.”Β Then after that, Bea, Daizee, and Sophia sang “Louder” by Charice Pempengco…Daizee was very good at doing the adlibs.

After the special numbers, my classmate, Raven had a birthday party and she had food for everyone (Spaghetti)…It had a very good taste! Raven is a “chubby- but- kind girl…:)

After we ate, Elisha had a game for us…She brought a PRIZE! The game was called,”Cup Catching.” My group members were Diane, Ana, and Hannah…We had a good time (but we didn’t win…The other group won)…It’s Okay…

Then, after we played, we had an open forum meeting: 1. Who is the most memorable classmate? Β  2. Who is the classmate that you hate the most?Β  3. When was the most memorable event happened in Grade 5?

I answered: 1. Everyone 2. Angelica-because she always wants to be the leader and she hurts everyone (actually, almost everyone hated her)…I said sorry to her before I said that I hated her… 3. Everything because they are always there (including the moments that our teachers get mad at s :)..hehehe)

Then after that, our teacher let us watch a video that she made…It was with our pictures and with our theme song, “GLOWING INSIDE.” It was so wonderful! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After we did all that, it was time to say GOODBYE :(…I let my classmates sign on my P.E. T-shirt…And we took lots of Pictures! πŸ˜‰

We really LOVED one another…Even the person we hate because, “Love your enemies…” A lot of us cried (including me)…

And we called ourselves: BUHAY GRADE 5 (Grade 5 life)…..


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