Enchanted Kingdom: ‘May the Magic Stay with You’

APRIL 17,2012- we went to Enchanted Kingdom (Sta. Rosa, Laguna)  with our whole family! We had so much fun! Here are the things we did and the rides we rode:

1. We took pictures and we split into 3 groups (I was with my two older cousins, Debbie and Denise and my aunt Miracle (we actually call her aunt Kela).

2. Me, my two cousins, and our aunt, rode RIO GRANDE RAPIDS ! We really had “splashy” fun! But luckily, me and Denise didn’t got all wet! But, my aunt and Debbie really got all wet! (We rode this ride 2 times!)

3. We rode FLYING FIESTA! Which kind of got me dizzy but it was fun! It was very high that I kind of closed my eyes! Flying Fiesta was like my aunt Kela and  *Ate Debbie’s blow dryer!

(*Ate- from tagalog language that serves as a polite word for those who are older girls than you)

4.  Next, we rode the seven seas with ANCHORS AWAY! It was really breath-taking! Good for us ’cause we’re not afraid of heights! (We rode this 3 times: at first, we sat in the middle with our *Tita Kela, and at the second and third, we sat at the edge of the ride without our Tita!)

(*Tita- tagalog for aunt-auntie)

5. Then, we rode RIALTO!  The short ‘trailer’ was “Journey to the Center of the Earth”! It was kind of cool because the chair is moving and it was like reality!

Space Shuttle–GOING UP!

6. After that, we rode the amazing and the popular SPACESHUTTLE MAX! We waited for a long time because the line was too long! I said 4 prayers before we rode the amazing ride! Then finally, we rode….I sat beside Ate Denise. Then when the Spaceshuttle was “elevating,” it was so high! And, it was very fast!!!!!!! But after the ride, my back really hurt!

7. Me, Ate Denise, and Ate Debbie, rode our finale: the JUNGLE LOG JAM! Ate Debbie sat infront, then Ate Denise in the middle, and me at the back…We totally got all WET!

This family bonding was really unforgettable! Thanks to Grandma…She had free tickets for all of us!!!


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