Our 35th Church Anniversary

April 29,2012– it was our church’s 35th anniversary…Our church’s name is Malabon International Baptist Church. We TOTALLY had so much fun! 🙂

— The Church Anniversary Celebration started at 3:00 pm…We waited for the other daughter churches to come.

Finally, the celebration began:

1. We sang Three hymnal songs: “All Because of God’s Amazing Grace,” “My Tribute,” and “Higher Ground is Marching On.”

2. Then, the opening prayer was held by Rev. Rodel Santosidad. After the Prayer, Open Door Baptist Church had a special number.

Me with our church choir

4.  Then, the announcements were announced by my dad, Rev. Nimrod C. Tica….  🙂

5.  After that, our choir sang (MIBC Psalmists)! We sang two songs: “Victory Medley” and “Here in this House.” The song “Victory Medley” was really breath-taking! 😉

6.  And then we had our doxology and offering…

7. Bro. Ding Balingasa led the prayer of thanksgiving

8. After that, my grandfather introduced us to the speaker…


Dr. Lesada–Delivering a life-changing message



9. …Our speaker was Dr. Nemuel Lesada (senior pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Dasmarinas, Cavite). He discussed about being holy when wearing pleasing clothes:

Like for ladies, do not wear too short skirts or shorts.





Pastors from different places sang an inspiring song



10. After the pleasing message, the pastors from different places had their closing number.

11. Then, it was time for closing prayer and benediction which was led by Rev. Edgardo Buenaventura.







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