Phillip Phillips Wins American Idol Season 11 Title

May 23, 2012- we watched the 2-hour grand finale of the 2 finalists: Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips… We were so excited that, we didn’t take our eyes off the television! The guests were very EXTREME like Jennifer Holliday! 🙂

The Top 12 started the night by singing “Run Away Baby” by Bruno Mars.

Top 12 singing “Run Away Baby”

Phillip Phillips and John Fogerty, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” and “Bad Moon Rising”

I really liked their melody…I’ll be able to call Phillip Phillips “John Fogerty II.” 🙂

Joshua “Mantasia” Ledet (Top 3 ‘Idol’) sang with Fantasia Barrino (Season 3 Winner), “Take Me To the Pilot”

Fantasia and Joshua, “Take Me To the Pilot”

What an amazing duet! I love Joshua because he is a soul-singer which blows my head off when he sings! Fantasia and Joshua ‘fit’ each other well!

Chaka Khan and the Idol gals sang “Ain’t Nobody”/”Through the Fire”/”I’m Every Woman”

Chaka Khan and the Idol gals

I was very surprised when I saw Ms. Khan’s suit! It was really “fitting” her :)…

Chaka seemed to be a little drunk, but I think she had a “BOOMING” performance with the ‘Idol’ gals 🙂

Rihanna sang “Where Have You Been”

Rihanna performs

Rihanna’s entrance

I have never seen Rihanna wear this kind of costume! I was really shocked with her Gaga-like entrance too!

Skylar Laine (Top 5 ‘Idol’) sings “Turn On the Radio” with Reba McEntire

Laine and McEntire, “Turn On the Radio”

I really liked their melody because they are both country singers…And, I’m also loving country singers like Skylar and Reba.

Steven Tyler’s dressing room


What’s happening? I didn’t even know how that sloth got there :)…

Jennifer Lopez performs with 2 different songs 🙂

jennifer lopez american idol finale performance 29     jennifer lopez american idol finale performance 33

Her performance was must-see! Her “2-song performance” blew my head off! I liked the second song that she sang (I think it was a Mexican song :))

Ace Young proposes to Diana DeGarmo!

Ace Young proposes to Diana DeGarmo

“I love you to death, you’re my best friend,” he continued. “I want to make this last forever and I would do anything in my power to have the most imaginable and amazing life together, if you will have me.

“Diana Nicole DeGarmo, will you marry me?”

Then, she said “YES!” Ace then shared a big, long kiss with his fiancée while the audience went wild!

Ryan held the box as Ace slipped the ring on Diana’s finger.

“I’m so speechless right now!” the 24-year-old bride-to-be exclaimed. “And my makeup’s runnin’ right now.”

“Mine too,” Ryan agreed.

 Hollie Cavanagh (Top 4 ‘Idol’)  and Jordin Sparks sang a high-noted song, “You Will Never Walk Alone”

Since Ms. Cavanagh has difficulty reaching high notes, Ms. Sparks helped her in the high ending note :)…But, I think they were both AMAZING…

The Top 12 Guys (minus Jermaine Jones and Phillip), sang a BeeGees medley

In a tribute to Robin Gibb, the top 12 boys (minus Jermaine and Phillip) sang a BeeGees medley…

Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”


I really liked Jennifer’s “monstrous” emotions :)! Unlike a lot of the other celebrity guests tonight, she is putting in some major effort 🙂  But, her voice was matching Jessica’s BIG voice :).

Aerosmith rocks the night!

aerosmith legendary child idol finale

I don’t know the title of the song/s that they performed but they were AWESOME!

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez sang a soft, duet song, “Up Where We Belong”

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips perform

Sanchez and Phillips, “Up Where We Belong”

Their melody made my heartbeat easy-going…

Dim the lights…..

With 132 million votes…..The WINNER is…..PHILLIP PHILLIPS!!!

Phillip Phillips wins "American Idol" season 11       IPB Image



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