The M&M Wedding

May 26, 2012- My Aunt Miracle and her fiancé, Mervin were married! I am the Junior Bridesmaid :).

We thought that we were arriving very late! But when we got to Fernbrook Gardens (where the wedding will be held), we were the only guests there! Even the bride and the groom weren’t there :).

Me and my sisters weren’t really in the mood because we were very bored…:)

Then…Finally! The other guests and the entourage were entering!!!

Start of the Event (At last!):

While my aunt Miracle was entering the room with her parents, she was crying while her fiance, Mervin sang “I Will Be Here.”

The Philippine Madrigal Singers are the gust music group during the wedding

My aunt Miracle thanked her parents through delivering an inspiring message to her parents.

She said, “God didn’t make a mistake that He gave me to you, Mom and Dad.”


…She hugged her parents tightly

After all the drama…Bishop Eddie Villanueva finally said, “You may now KISS the bride!”

They actually KISSED three times!


The food was so delicious! I thought that the food was just very common but, when I saw the food line up the serving table, I can’t name the foods! They were so unique and delicious too!

After the yummy food and the sweet desserts, it was time for us to go home :(….

Anyways…I thank God for making aunt Miracle and her fiance, Mervin love each other :)…


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