God’s 5 Purposes for your Life

God made you because He has a purpose for you…That’s why you’re still alive!

1. He made you to be a MEMBER of His family.

2. He made you to be a MODEL of His character.

3. He made you to be a MAGNIFIER of His glory.

4. He made you to be a MINISTER of His grace.

5. He made you to be a MESSENGER of His great news to others.

-Stand up and LIVE YOUR PURPOSE πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “God’s 5 Purposes for your Life

  1. I was shocked that you are so young! I wish I would have found God at your age. It would have saved me a lot of trouble, time, heartache, and money:) but better late than ever. Lord Allowing you to see your teen years, remember that when you are harassed or “unfriended” because of your faith, to “count it all joy” James 1:2. Your photos and your life are beautiful.

    • I started blogging for a contest :)…And God used me for blogging and making the most out of it…Thank you for the inspiring comment :””>….May God bless you always!

  2. Thank you for sharing God, used your post to encourage me to push forward which I needed in this current time of of need. Thank you for checking out my sites also thank you for your encouraging Comment.

    Early today the Holy Spirit, spoke to my heart to go to the YouTube home page when I arrived I came across a video which encouraged me to push forward even though I am having struggles with my calling right now… ( I am having a hard time waiting upon God’s timing)

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