Hello, America!: Preparation For Going to America…

August 7, 2012-We woke up at 3:00am because we are leaving in the Philippines to stay in Chicago :).

Leaving in Philippines is really hard for me ’cause I’ll really miss my classmates, other friends, ministry*, relatives, etc.

*ministry- even though I’m still 11 years old, I already have a ministry in our church: I’m an assistant in teaching street kids about Jesus, I teach our church member kids about Jesus, I’m a choir member, and I play the piano.

But I think it’s also fun here in Chicago ’cause I’m going to meet new friends and I’m going to have a new experience because I’m going to study to a public school near Wheaton College :)…

Then, when I woke up at 3:00am My two cousins, Debbie and Denise screamed and they really freaked me out ;)…Then after that, I took a bath and brushed my teeth but I didn’t eat ’cause I was really lazy :)….

So, we took pictures and me and my cousin-classmate, Denise watched the amazing farewell video that she and some of my classmates made for me so, THANK YOU CLASSMATES FOR YOUR CARE AND SUPPORT! 🙂

Then, we took pictures and made a video singing “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen :)…

BTW, it was raining really hard while we were preparing :(!

Time to say GOODBYE:

We all had our fellowship together but it was time for us to go to the airport :(. I was half excited and half sad 😦

So we said goodbye to each other…

When we were traveling going to the airport at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), it was very flooded! I was so shocked that I thought that the flight was being cancelled :(..But good thing it wasn’t…



5 thoughts on “Hello, America!: Preparation For Going to America…

  1. My heart goes out to you. I hope you enjoy it here in America, but I also understand how sad it can be to leave your church family/ministry. There is a possibility that I might be moving as well and what makes me the saddest is the thought of departing from my church family. But God always give us new opportunities and other people with which to be in fellowship, so good luck, mate(:

  2. hello God bless you!!!i would like to suggest for ministry is collect free Christian magazines then send it to the Philippines.there are abundant stuff of that resources in the US…Enjoy Jesus

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