Hello, America!: In the Airport…

We left our house at around 5:30am…When we were on our way to the airport it rained really hard that it flooded our way! But good thing there’s another way to the airport that isn’t flooded…But it had heavy traffic! So, I fell asleep and when I woke up, we were near the airport and I was texting my friends :).

Then FINALLY! We were in the airport, I was carrying my Jansport bag that’s full of stuff and it was really heavy so it was hard for me to walk…

BTW, the airport we were in was Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

So, when we were already lined up, I was pulling a heavy baggage cart and a heavy backpack on my back! But at the same time, still texting using my mom’s cellphone :)…

Then Grandma, Granddad and Uncle Reuel got a visitor pass so that we can still take pictures and talk while we are in the line :).

Time for saying GOODBYE 😦:

After all the talks, it was time to say goodbye because Grandma, Granddad and Uncle Reuel cannot enter the immigration so, it was time to say goodbye :(.



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