Hello, America!: In the Airplane

After all the hard work in the airport, finally! It’s time for us to go to the plane (which is my favorite part ;))…Our plane was Delta Airlines and I was so excited :)! By the way, my older cousin, Faye works in Delta :).

So when we were already inside the plane, I sat near the window with my sister, Pia and my Dad. There was a touch screen television (not really a television ’cause there were games, music, movies, series and more!) so that screen was really awesome!

And then, food was always served anytime and it was so delicious :)! Even though it wasn’t breakfast, lunch or dinner, food was always served ;).

BTW, our flight took off at around 7:45am and our flight lasted for like 15 hours!

We really enjoyed it in the plane and I watches many movies but I only finished one 🙂 ’cause I was bored for the other movies 😉 then I played music and games until night :)!

Then, I woke up at around 7:00am then breakfast was served!

I was kept on thinking of what will happen in our church and in our school without us :)…I was kept on thinking of my classmates ’cause I really miss them :(!

While I was thinking of them, I watch a movie that I forgot the title but it was about a girl who is like Cinderella (this movie is like Cinderella but not about a glass slipper but a voice of a girl :)) and I was eating a very delicious breakfast!

Then I waited ’till we’re going to land the Minneapolis Airport (BTW, we first stopped by the airport of Narita, Japan :))…

So, when we were in Minneapolis, we had a 1-hour break and I was like “I’m in AMERICA! I’m in AMERICA!!!” but at the same time “Why did I ever go here in America?! Why? Why? Why?” Yeah, I’m in a war with myself :(…

So, while we were sitting in the couch, waiting for the other take-off, I was reading a book called “Popularity Papers” and then I used the laptop to watch a video made by my cousin for me…After all that I did, I asked my mom to look for my pink camera, then she looked for it but she cannot find it! All of us looked for it in every single baggage we held but we really can’t find it! I was really nervous…My heart was pounding really fast as if I’m going to have a heart attack!

So, Dad asked the workers in the airport if he can go back to the plane but the worker said that if he gets back to the plane, he must check-in again as if he was a new-comer (that’s really hard!) so, he refused to get back to the plane…When he went to the couch again, he asked us some questions and I was the answer…I last used the camera in the plane and I think I dropped it and it was covered by many used papers of my little sister, so I thought that the camera was in my Mom’s bag…That’s why my Dad grounded me for I think 1 and a half week for not using any electronic gadgets 😦 😦 :(…

I felt really bad and I prayed and said SORRY to God while we we were in the plane going to Chicago…

When we were already in Chicago, my Dad’s friend fetched us in the airport…:)

Then, we slept in his house for 3 weeks I think and we had a happy time…

Thank you Lord for giving us a safe arrival :)!


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