First Day of School Here in America!

August 22,2012- I’m a Grade 6 student in this school and I was so excited that before the first day of school, I cannot sleep properly :)!

I woke up at 7:00am and Daddy and I left our house at 7:30am…

Our school starts at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm, so my Dad walked me to school and while we were walking, we took pictures along the way :)!

When I was already in our school, I had a hard time opening my locker! Thank God, there was somebody who can help me ;)!

My first subject was Language Arts (Advanced) and  our teacher was Ms. Asgedom…We introduced ourselves to each other and we were so shy when Ms. Asgedom asked us if somebody can raise their hands to read a quote written by Frederick Douglass which says something like,”Knowing how to read can set you forever free” I think :)…But finally, I had the courage to raise my hand and read the quote! Then, she taught us what dormant means…We really had so much fun!

After Language Arts, Math was next…Our teacher in math is Mr. Mielke…First, he fixed our seating arrangements and he told us to write our nicknames on a piece of colored paper and put it  on the top of our desk. I kind of got bored because I’m just new and Mr. Mielke is kind of boring but is REALLY VERY GOOD at Math ;)!

Then, the next subject was Science and our teacher is Mrs, Hughes…She is a kind teacher and we just did our :ice breakers” which means that we will write 3 things about ourselves and Mrs. Hughes will read it in front of the class and we will guess who it is. So, we didn’t do any studying but it was fun :)!

Next was LUNCH!!! This is really my favorite subject (JOKE :))…But I didn’t eat because I thought that it has payment  so, I just ate my sandwich that Mom prepared for me :).

Then we had Art and our teacher was Mr. Grodoski…He is such a clean man! He is a straight-bodied and chin-upped man! But he is kind of funny and he is so firm! But, we didn’t have any art…:)

Foundations was next and our teacher was Mr. DuPree. I don’t really know what is being studied at Foundations but we just did what we did in Science :)…

After Foundations, we had SOCIAL STUDIES (which is one of my favorite subjects when I was in the Philippines :)). Our teacher was Mrs. larson and she is way too funny :)! She likes playing games like the “Name Game” :). And she graduated at Wheaton Colllege ;)!

Physical Education! Our teacher was Mr. Arthurs and we just introduced ourselves :)…It’s kind of boring but the gym is so BIG!

I really had fun in our first day of school here in Wheaton. I just pray that this will be a fun school year 😉


One thought on “First Day of School Here in America!

  1. P.S.
    After one month…
    Ms. Asgedom (Language Arts teacher) told me that I must be in the higher level in Language Arts because the lessons were so easy for me. So, she transferred me to the regular Language Arts class :)…Mrs. Scott is my new Language Arts teacher :).
    Thanks, Ms. Asgedom!

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