Playing Tangram by Myself

September 6,2012- I had no classes because there was no electric power in our school but my two sisters, Ivy and Pia had classes and Ivy was jealous of me because I had no classes…It was unfair for her :).

So me and my other sister, Lereigne (a 3-year-old that doesn’t study YET) had fun together. We listened to Mandisa’s album “What if We Were Real” in my CD player and It was very enjoyable!

My sister kept on dancing because it was really “danceable” but too bad I have NO talent in dancing :(! It’s fine really for me because I really don’t like the ability to dance but I enjoy hip-hop dance when I watch it in television :).

After we enjoyed in my bedroom, Lereigne was totally tired so my mom let my sister sleep. I had nothing to do! My Dad was using my mom’s laptop and my laptop was getting fixed so, I was looking for something to play with.

I went to my room and looked at all the board games on my bookshelf and I saw a game called “Tangram”. I held it and looked at the instructions while going to our living room. It says in the back of the game that it has to be 2 or more players! But I decided that I can do it by myself.

I’ll explain a bit about the game…In the box, there will be 7 different shaped blocks and inside the booklet, you will see a lot of solid picture. This is one example:


Then, you will have to figure out how to combine all the pieces together. And if you’re done, make sure you made it right and look at the answer key…It will be displayed like this:

So, these are the puzzles that I figured out:

A rocket

An arrow

Letter C

A man that’s kicking something…I don’t know 🙂

So, that’s how my morning and afternoon went :)…Keep on playing Tangram ’cause it will help your logical mind :).


4 thoughts on “Playing Tangram by Myself

  1. Haha, I remember playing with something like this when I was younger. My siblings and I played with a pyramid made out of blocks, and we had to put the blocks into place to make the pyramid stand. Sometimes we ended up with extra pieces and we didn’t know why. 😛

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