The Love Story of Me and My Camera

Click, Click, Click!

My camera was a birthday gift from my grandparents when I turned 10 years old. I named my camera Click, it is a year old, it is pink, it has 14 megapixels, and its brand is Olympus.

I was as happy as a freed bird flying in the air when I had Click because I was always dreaming of my own camera then, I had her at last! Oh boy, what a love story we had together!

When we were in the aircraft going here in The United States of America from the Philippines, I put Click in my red, zebra-striped backpack and took photographs inside the plane. After more than 18 hours of drifting, we finally landed in Minneapolis.

When we checked in and took a seat near the small food bars, I decided to take pictures while waiting for the next plane to go to Chicago, Illinois. So I began looking for Click but I couldn’t find it!

I looked inside my Dad and Mom’s baggage, my sisters’ baggage, and my bag but I couldn’t find my camera! My heart was hammering really fast because it was special to me! I didn’t care about anything that time but my own, little camera! Maybe it was robbed or maybe I left it inside the plane! The bad news was, Dad said that he was sure that I left it inside the plane. I was full with annoying alarm!

My Dad started reporting about Click and the innocent employees told him that he was allowed to get back to the landed plane but, he must check in again for a long time so, Daddy just went back because he might miss the next flight when he goes out and checks in once more.  I really felt guilty…I should’ve used my camera when it was time to land!

Weeks past and we had a new silver camera and I decided to pay the half of the price. I liked our new camera a lot but I still missed Click much more (I missed her clicks)!

Then one exhausting day after school, I was as tired as a car with a flat wheel! When I was in our car going to where my two sisters study to pick them up, Dad gave me a full surprise!

Guess what? Click was inside a regular FedEx box and I was full of joy, I thanked Dad. It was like a bandage for my small open wound when I had Click again!

From that day on, I will always take care of my important belongings and always remember not to leave it. Maybe, I will be as protective as a locker…Click, Click, Click!


4 thoughts on “The Love Story of Me and My Camera

  1. Good thing your camera came back! Well, for some reason digital cameras prior to hitting 10 Megapixels of resolution were more costly than the ones that we know today (including yours haha), so before digicams became mainstream, it was a luxury item. BTW, I have owned three digital cameras before I even hit the digital SLR community, and the sad news is, I don’t even know how to take really good photos that are meant for the glossy pages. ((:

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