Todd Komarnicki at Wheaton College

October 4, 2012- Todd Komarnicki, the producer of the movie “Elf” visited Wheaton College for a Q&A session and a free viewing of the movie.

Before the interviewing and the previewing, there was an “Early Christmas candy eating.” YUMMY! I ate lots of candy canes :)…


There was also a photo booth. Someone disguised as Buddy (the  main character in “Elf”) and I took pictures with him! He was so funny :D!


Then finally! It was time for the Interviewing session. There was a woman (I forgot the name) that interviewed Todd.

Then, the Wheaton College students had a chance to question Mr. Komarnicki…I had a question and I was the youngest that questioned Todd!


I asked him: Mr. Kobarnicki, what inspired you in producing this movie?

Some of Todd’s answers :): I made this movie to entertain kids and to make them have the spirit of Christmas.

Actually, Mr. Komarnicki was a Wheaton College graduate in the 1980’s!

After the Q&A, it was time to watch “Elf!” But, I hurried to Todd and asked for his autograph to be signed on the “Elf” poster.

Fact: I have watched the movie when I was like 8 years old so, it was a privilege to meet the producer of my all-time favorite Christmas movie!

Don’t forget to watch it :)…


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