Young Adults Battle of the Books: The 5th Battle

October 24,2012-The 5th meet of the Young Adult Battle of the Books was held at Wheaton Public Library. We were against St. Joan – Red and Hadley – Red…But this time, the 8th Graders’ Team (Greyson, Cooper, Abigail, and Alexandra) competed.

Eliana, Will, and I were watching, we didn’t miss anything! At the first round, there were questions we knew that the 8th graders didn’t. But guess what? St. Joan – Red won the first round (sigh).

We were kind of like this the whole time, praying and begging God to please let them win this meet…

Then when it was time for the last 3 questions, we were absolutely kind of like this in our minds…

Please win, please win, please WIN!!!

But…But….But….It turned out that we didn’t (sigh, sigh, sigh). We were so :(!!!

For me, that’s OK because we can ALWAYS try again…


St. Joan Middle School (Red)- 98 points

Franklin Middle School-(us)- 86 points

Hadley Middle School (Red)- 56 points


The next battle with us (Franklin Middle School) will be on October 29.


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