A Visit At the Cosley Zoo

October 21,2012-After we went to Evangel Baptist Church, a church member invited us and the other members in her house to have a Bible study. She is one of the church’s pianist.

She told Bridgette, our friend and sometimes our baby-sitter to take us to Cosley Zoo! It was a walking distance and we went with my sisters. We had so much fun and it was free! It was free for all the residents here in Wheaton, Illinois!



These are the first animals that we saw, the ducks…Quack! Quack!

I think this little pony’s name is Hazelnut or something like that :).

Isn’t it cute :)?

These raccoons are so cute! But I think they’re wild…I wonder why sometimes cute animals are the ones that are wild :)…

My first time to see a real WOODPECKER!!!!

This is a sleeping bobcat.

The second picture that says “we bite” is the coolest picture I took!

There were more animals in Cosley Zoo and we had so much fun!

Thank you, Bridgette :)!


2 thoughts on “A Visit At the Cosley Zoo

  1. A horse named Hazelnut??? Awwwww……..and I agree, the way you framed the “we bite” picture is really cool! I’m glad you had a great time. Seems like a fun way to pass the afternoon.

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