Young Adults Battle of the Books: The 6th Battle

October 29,2012-The 6th meet of the Young Adult Battle of the Books was held at Wheaton Public Library. We were against Monroe Middle School and Hadley Middle School – Black.

Team B competed at the first round and Team C (my team) competed at the second.

We thought we were going to WIN but, we were all wrong!

This question is were we all got crooked up in round 2: In the book Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata, what does the word “Itchiro” means?

a. first son/born                     b. beautiful                      c. eternal

We weren’t sure what the answer was even if we all read this book! So, we took a guess and we said “eternal” but, it was really “first son/born”!

We were disappointed, Monroe Middle School was 4 points ahead of us :(.

Monroe Middle School- 94 points

Franklin Middle School– 90 points

Hadley Middle School (black)- 75 points

The next battle with us (Franklin Middle School) will be on November 6…


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