The Night Before Thanksgiving

November 21,2o12- The night before Thanksgiving, we went to Philippine International Baptist Church here in Michigan, where Grandma Rose and Grandpa Obet go to. My Dad preached and we sang :)…

At the beginning, we shared the things we were thankful for by using the “roll the ball” method :)…So, I shared the things I’m thankful for and those are my family and friends :).

Then, my family sang “Better Than I” by Joy Williams. After that, my Dad preached and after that…EATING TIME!!!

So, I got ham and turkey and Sprite. While I was eating, a guy told me to join them (teenagers) to eat, so I said OK and off we went to the Middle School (Sunday School) room. The guy’s name was Shawn and he’s an 8th grader, his sister’s name is Shaira who’s 11 years old like me! She also plays the piano and took violin lessons but just given up and she used to play voleyball JUST LIKE ME! Then I met Ben and T.J., Erika, and the other girls whose name I forgot :)…

So we ate and chatted, they asked me if I had Facebook or a cellphone but I had none :(…Too bad! Then we had fun and some of the girls shouted like crazy, I was about to freak out but it was FUN to have them :).

So, we talked alot and it was time to leave…BUMMER :)!

But it was nice to have new friends and thank God I’m social (doo-dee-doo) :)…


2 thoughts on “The Night Before Thanksgiving

  1. Sounds like it was fun! It’s great to meet new people especially through church. We had our Thanksgiving service last weekend (the 18th) and had a brunch afterward (part of our stewardship campaign to get people to pledge their offerings for the coming year). Our church is a small country church in a college town so there’s not much of a chance to meet new people, but they’re all like my family. We had the last football game of the season on Friday so I’m thankful it’s over with for the year. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us:)

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