A Visit to the California ScienCenter

December 31,2012– Together with Aunt Ethel, Uncle Noel, Granddad, Gramma, and Ivy in my aunt and uncle’s car, we went to the California ScienCenter. When we got there, we waited for our whole family but, it was taking long!




So while we were waiting for them, we did lots of fun stuff!






Then finally, our whole family arrived!

To make the long story short, we went to see the recently retired space shuttle, Endeavour!

Endeavour, known as the jewel of the shuttle fleet, traveled over 122 million miles-Astronauts that rode the Endeavour repaired the Hubble Space Telescope, which brought a new understanding of our universe into focus.

The Endeavour’s first flight was on May 1992, and its last flight was on September 2012.

Overall, I think that Endeavour was a hero of repairing and delivering things to space. Thanks to Endeavour, it helped to fix the Hubble Telescope :)!


Picture #1 and 2- Endeavour’s wheels after the last mission

#3- Recycler of leftovers??? (Not so sure :))

#4- Endeavour’s blue print (In that case…White print :))

#5- Endeavour’s last flight and last landing

#6 and 7- Endeavour’s potty 🙂

#8- Endeavour’s 25 missions (not including the 26th mission)

#9- Rocket Operations Support Center

#10- Garrett Reisman, an Endeavour astronaut’s stuff that he brought in his 95-day mission

#11 and 12- Endeavour’s transportation to Los Angeles, California for display in the California ScienCenter.

#13 to 16- The Endeavour!

It was really AWESOME to see the AWESOMENESS of Endeavour, and it was really a privilege to be able to see the latest space shuttle!

After the Endeavour expedition, we went to the Sea Expedition…

sea expedition

Then, we ate popcorn at the small food court, took more pictures outside and went home…

We really had a good and great time as a family at California ScienCenter :).

It was also nice to see some cool stuff and learn about stuff that people rarely know :).

BTW, the pictures were taken by me and my Nintendo DSi :)…


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