Universal Studios–LA, California with my Family!

This is a very late post and I APOLOGIZE :)…

January 2, 2013….Yup, right after New Year…We went to Universal Studios, California with my family.


It was really CROWDED, I tell you! We waited for like 100 hours (that’s an exaggeration, it was 2 hours) to get our Annual Pass and to get inside the park! I was so exhausted!


As soon as we entered the amusement park, we saw this guy…


You could tell that I’m so tired (I’m the one with the blue and brown jacket on)!…

We met Count Dracula…Mwahahahaha!




Our first “ride” was Water World…Good thing we didn’t sit at the “You may get wet” chairs :).


You’re not ‘gonna believe this ’cause I took a picture with a girl in American Horror Stories…..


Isn’t she GORGEOUS???I’m talking about myself 🙂 hahah…JK!


This guy is from C.S.I. New York!

After Water World, we ate lunch at Doc Brown’s and it really had a LOOONNNGGGG line! But anyway, the chicken was so delicious!


Next up, Studio Tour!



Picture #1 (left to right)-Me and my sister, Pia at the Studio Tour tram

#2-One of the Back To The Future cars

#3-Fast and Furious (How cars “fly”)


#5-One of the houses from “Desperate Housewives”

#6- “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

#7- “War of the Worlds” and if you recognize, this is were “Fly” by Rihanna feat. Nicki Minaj’s video was taken.

After the Studio Tour, we went to Revenge of the Mummy Ride with Pia, Daddy, Mommy, Ivy, and I…

This is Cleopatra…


We also went to the latest ride in Universal, California…Transformers 3D!


Although it kind of made me dizzy…I sure had FUN and it was sooooo REALISTIC!

We also went to the Jurassic Park Ride…Which was AWESOME!


And finally, our last ride…Shrek 4D!


We really had soooo much fun!!!!!!!


But of course…We didn’t skip dinner! We went to Johnny Rockets…




2 thoughts on “Universal Studios–LA, California with my Family!

  1. I love all the pics – I’ve only been to the Universal in Florida and that was years ago. I’d love to head out to California – it seems like the one there has so much more stuff to do. What a wonderful way to spend the New Year!

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