Kingdom Rock 2013 VBS

July 19, 2013– It was my first time to volunteer! I really had fun and I had new friends :). I was the assistant leader for the group “Pages.”

Our theme was “Kingdom Rock” and at the first day, our focus was that God’s love helps us stand strong. At the second day, our focus was that FAMILY AND FRIENDS HELP US STAND STRONG. At the third day, our focus was that PRAYING TO GOD HELPS US STAND STRONG. At the fourth day, our focus was that TRUSTING GOD HELPS US STAND STRONG. At the last day, our focus was that THE BIBLE HELPS US STAND STRONG.

The kids really enjoyed attending our VBS and you just don’t know how energetic they are! They are way too far from energetic!

God really did a job well done in our VBS! We really enjoyed it and we hope to see more kids next year 🙂



The Night Before Thanksgiving

November 21,2o12- The night before Thanksgiving, we went to Philippine International Baptist Church here in Michigan, where Grandma Rose and Grandpa Obet go to. My Dad preached and we sang :)…

At the beginning, we shared the things we were thankful for by using the “roll the ball” method :)…So, I shared the things I’m thankful for and those are my family and friends :).

Then, my family sang “Better Than I” by Joy Williams. After that, my Dad preached and after that…EATING TIME!!!

So, I got ham and turkey and Sprite. While I was eating, a guy told me to join them (teenagers) to eat, so I said OK and off we went to the Middle School (Sunday School) room. The guy’s name was Shawn and he’s an 8th grader, his sister’s name is Shaira who’s 11 years old like me! She also plays the piano and took violin lessons but just given up and she used to play voleyball JUST LIKE ME! Then I met Ben and T.J., Erika, and the other girls whose name I forgot :)…

So we ate and chatted, they asked me if I had Facebook or a cellphone but I had none :(…Too bad! Then we had fun and some of the girls shouted like crazy, I was about to freak out but it was FUN to have them :).

So, we talked alot and it was time to leave…BUMMER :)!

But it was nice to have new friends and thank God I’m social (doo-dee-doo) :)…

Haaaaa……What a Halloween I Had!

Happy Halloween, People! How’s Trick or Treating? Well, I didn’t trick or treat but oh boy! What a Halloween I had this year!

Earlier in school this morning, Mrs. Scott’s Language Arts class dressed up as Greek and Roman gods using bed sheets! I was almost late for school because of dressing and all that stuff.

We didn’t call it a Halloween party but we called it “Decade Day” in Franklin Middle School. In Decade Day, you wear what people wear in the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, etc. So, our (Mrs. Scott’s Language Arts) class voted for wearing bed sheets for being Greek and Roman gods :)! It was so FUUUNNNN!

Then at 6th period (Mr. Ortega’s Academic Skills class), guess what we did…GUEEESSS…..We danced the Oppa Gangnam Style in the hallways :D! Many people were surprised because we did it secretly…Wasn’t that FUN?

After school, ofcourse we went home…Duh! I packed candies for those who will trick or treat but too bad no one did :(!!! But there was this old woman without any costume who did Trick or Treat but it wasn’t that fun hahahha!

We went to Evangel Baptist Church because it was Prayer Meeting and the Spanish people had a Halloween celebration! Me and my sisters went to the church’s gym and the celebration was held there…People weren’t wearing costumes but my sisters and I sure had fun! There were lots of booths like “Bobbing for Apples”, “Mini Golf”, “Bowling”, etc.

We had a loootttt of candies!!!

So, that’s how my Halloween went….

1st Time, 2nd Place, and 3rd Sub in Volleyball

May 1, 2012–We had our 40th NCYA (National Christ’s Young Ambassadors) Sports Fest held in our church with our daughter churches…I was a player in our volleyball team (I’m the 3rd Sub that our first 6 usually use :)). It was really a blessing, being a part of our church’s volleyball even though I’m just 10 years old is really a VERY BIG BLESSING :)…I’m so HAPPY because (at last!) I have been a part of our Sports Fest!

We shook hands with HGQC..(I’m the first girl in the line) 🙂


Our first opponent was HGQC (Higher Ground Quezon City).

First, we shook  hands with HGQC.

Then, the “BATTLE” began!!! 🙂





I’m the only one in our team that has different uniform!
Beside me, is our team captain



And, I’m the only MIBC volleyball player that has different uniform because I just borrowed it from my aunt Kela…Good thing ’cause we have the same surname!

Then, after 2 sets, we FINALLY WON!






Our second opponent was HFLBC (Hillcrest Family Life Baptist Church). My older cousin, Debbie was in that team! And, I was very surprised ’cause she’s really GOOD at volleyball!



This is me, trying to hit the ball.. 🙂



When, the ball was in-front of me, I tried to hit it! But it wasn’t successful…:(

Then, after a lot of minutes, Hillcrest “grew” bigger and bigger! They always do spike and “drop ball” which is very hard for us to hit…So, we were really NERVOUS!





Then me, my teammates, and our coach huddled together



We huddled because Hillcrest is a hard opponent for us!…Including my older cousin! They were really good so, our coach, Philip talked to us SERIOUSLY.

Then, after we huddled, we took it very seriously…We tried to do our best.

Then finally, after 2/3 sets (I’m not so sure :)) , WE FINALLY WON!!!





So, we were so happy and excited that it was time for us to move to our next opponent, CFBC (Christian Faith Baptist Church), they are the hardest opponent we had!

Well, we warmed up and sang hymns while we are warming up :)…The suddenly, a storm came! So, we weren’t able to “battle” with our hardest opponent :(…

The KINGS TEAM (the ones who prepared this event for us), had a meeting. They said that they’ll just add the advantages (using the quotient system) that the volleyball teams had…(I hope you get me :)).


  • Basketball- 1st PLACE!
  • Volleyball- we were 2nd PLACE again but it’s okay…At least we did our best! 🙂
  • Tennis- 5th PLACE!
  • Chess- 5th PLACE!
  • Swimming- 1st PLACE!
  • Badminton- 1st PLACE!
  • Bowling- 2nd PLACE!

                                                                              Then, we were 1st OVER-ALL! 🙂
Thank God, ’cause He gave us a time for playing even though it rained so HARD and He also made us 1st OVER-ALL! And also, I’m so glad because it is my first time to join our volleyball team :)…