A Popcorn and A Piano Lesson

December 4,2012- I went to my friend’s house, Eliana with Gwyn and Ambar. Carolyn (Eliana, Ambar, and Gwyn’s friend when they were in elementary), also came over!

Eliana decided that we should have popcorn and milkshakes…Yum! So, we put the butter popcorn in the microwave and Eliana microwaved it for 4 minutes…After 3 minutes, I noticed the microwave smoking! I started screaming…”It’s SMOKING! It’s SMOKING!” So, Ana (Eliana) shut the microwave off and Carolyn went outside and threw the burnt popcorn in the waste can in the garage :).

Good thing the smoke alarm didn’t AAALLLAAARRMMM!!!!

Ana’s Dad heard me scream so, he put another popcorn and set the microwave to 2 minutes and there pops a delicious popcorn! After we ate our popcorn and our delicious milkshakes, we played “Slave Game”* and we had so much fun!

5:00 pm-Dad picked me up at Ana’s house to have my first piano lesson here in AMERICA! So, when I arrived in our house…My sister, Pia was having a piano lesson. After her, it’s my turn (duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn)! So, Mrs. Funck (what a cool name, huh?) told me to play what I’m working on right now, so I played “Pachelbel (Canon in C).” Mrs. Funck said that I was AWESOME but I still need to slow my rhythm down a bit.

Mrs. Funck said that I was ready for level 4, which really a challenging level in piano. I thenk God for my first piano lesson here in America and for Mrs. Funck that was willing to give me and my sisters a piano lesson :).


*Slave Game- it’s a game that has a slave owner and slaves. The slave owner punishes/hurts the slaves :).

A Sleepover and A Violin

The Sleepover:

Two nights ago, me and my Dad cycled all the way to my friend’s (Eliana’s) house and it took us FOREVER! I used my two-wheeled scooter and Dad used his two-wheeled bike. When I got to Eliana’s house, I was so exhausted…Eliana and Gwyneth (our Indonesian friend that also had a sleepover with us) told me that I was late…No wonder!

So, I got my PJ’s on and Eliana popped popcorn in the microwave then, we watched “Aladdin” with Eliana’s mom, Carmen. The movie didn’t have a good quality because it was borrowed from the library and it was a VHS which is old (I think) but anyways, we enjoyed the movie so much and it reminded us of our awesome Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Larson because our lesson for this semester was about Muslims and Arabia :).

I ate lots of popcorn because for a 100 years I haven’t eaten popcorn! This was like my first time to eat popcorn in a year! So, I ate 2 1/2 bowls of popcorn with parmesan cheese and the few cereals that I brought, Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes :). After Aladdin, we had our “chit-chat” time with Carmen about dreams and our favorite parts in Aladdin. We talked like an hour and we slept about 11:30 p.m. So, we slept…

The next day…

But suddenly, I woke up at 3:00 a.m.! I didn’t know why but I was really awake, so I forced myself to sleep again :). Finally, I woke up at 6:50 a.m. and I woke Eliana up…She was still tired but didn’t get back to sleep. We waited for Gwyneth to wake up. Finally, she woke up at 7:13 a.m. and we made pancake from scratch (without adult supervision haha!) and I made scrambled eggs with cheese. Eliana also microwaved sausages and it was so delicious!

After we ate and took a bath, we played the “Slave Game” which was invented by Eliana’s friend at North Carolina. The Slave Game is a game that there are 2 slaves that are called “Slave #1 and Slave #2.” There is also a slave owner that hurts her/his slaves whenever they show unfaithfulness and all that :).

Well after we had fun, it was time for me to leave. I leaved around 11:00 a.m. I think. So, we all said good-bye to each other.

The Violin:

Me, my parents, and my sisters went to a violin lesson…By the way my teacher, Mrs. Betty Ecklund was from Evangel Baptist Church (where we attend church here in America). She offered me a violin lesson for 30 minutes every weekend and she loaned me a violin. It was really a BIG blessing for me because my music desire was not only to play the piano but to also play the violin! So, THANK GOD!


Finding a New Rhythm by Pen Tapping

Dougie Pen Tap 🙂 (please watch it!)

Have you ever made a rhythm by tapping a pen? Well, the famous “pen tap” taps it again! Pen tap is really happening! In our school, it is very famous and I also pen tap with my friends with the famous and thrilling song,  “Teach me how to Dougie.”

Pen tapping has a cool sound…Can’t you believe that?! Pens are not only made for writing, but for making music! COOL! 🙂

In pen tapping, there are basic moves like Bass, click, snare, scratch, hi-hat/slap, left hand snare, and second hand tap. Then, their are cool sounding moves…And, just have fun pen tappin’!

Pen tapping is not just tapping a pen that makes the sound, “tap, tap, tap,” making a cool sound with an ordinary pen is following the basic moves that I told you earlier.

I’m not that rockin’ pen tapping gal…I just pen tap wherever I am and whenever I want. Pen tapping doesn’t need a lesson like piano lesson and guitar lessons! You can just tap you’re pen and swing into the music that you’re playing with! It’s that EASY!

Watch the video that I linked…You’ll see how easy is pen tapping :)…You’ll enjoy the sound with the song, “Teach me how to Dougie!”

Remember: Pen tapping will always be SIMPLE, don’t be jealous if someone is better than you, just think that you’ll improve MORE!…NOBODY is PERFECT!