Eat For The Poor

Dad: Caasi, finish your food!

Me: I don’t want to…I’m full!

Dad: Why did you take that much if you can’t even finish it?

Me: I didn’t know

Dad: Just eat it…many people don’t have the opportunity to eat lots of foods

Me: Will the poor people be full if I eat my food?

It was such a fun night!



Hanging Out with my Buddies at the Snow!


Ana, Gwyn, Ambar, and I hang out every Friday after school…

This time, it was sooooo FUN!

We went sledding at our place’s library…yeah, you may think it’s weird to sled at the library. But, there’s this big “square hole” by the library that was filled with hills of snow, so Ana thought that it might be fun sledding in there (I think we’re the only ones that sledded there :)).

So, everyone agreed and went. At first, I thought it was a CRAZY idea to sled at the library, but it was sooo mmmuuuuccchhhh FUUUNNN!!!

Ana went to get sleds in her house…

Ana was the first one to try sledding on the highest snow hill, and she had a good landing! So, I tried sledding but boy, oh, boy…I failed! I landed at the side of the snow hill and bumped myself on the stone wall! Ugh! Thank God, there was no damage and it didn’t hurt, but I had lots of snow on my body! I was freezing cold! So, I stopped for a while as I watched Gwyn go down the snow hill with a perfect landing.

Next comes Ambar, she fell too! But not on the walls :)!

So, was I having an unlucky day or what?

When I finally had the guts to start sledding again, I had a pretty good landing!

Then, we tried sledding in the other snow hill that was  narrow and high. I had a perfect landing!

We had so much fun, and we had lots of frost bites but anyways, my FRIENDS are AWESOME!

The Crossing Guard Near Our School

The crossing guard near our school…

I call him Mr. G, he is a pretty old man, but he is happy, strong, and ongoing.

Every time me and my sisters with my mom, walk home from school, we walk across the street where Mr. G is in-charge with. He always give us Tootsie Rolls, Dubble Bubble, and Jolly Ranchers.

Sometimes, when he doesn’t have candy for us, he says, “Sorry, li’l kids! Forgot to bring one for ya’ll”…

I enjoyed walking home from school because of the candies he would always give us.

When winter came, we no longer walk home from school…My Dad drives us to our house. So, I don’t always see him now.

But one day, my sister told me that Mr. G got sick, and their school gave cards for him. I felt really bad!

Still, snow pours, my Dad sill drives us to go home…

One day, I was asking my sister what happened with Mr. G, she had a frown in her face and said, “He passed away.”

I thought that she was joking because she always jokes around but yes, what she said was true.

I felt so sad….



Pizza Party with Mrs. Scott!

January 22, 2013-Lunch period at Mrs. Scott’s classroom…PIZZA PARTY!!!

Mrs. Scott is no longer my Language Arts teacher, same with my classmates because we changed schedules…I’m now with Ms. Jimenez class along with Gwyn, Eli, Nick, Mike, and Anna.

When Mr. Kish (our assistant principal) went over with the morning announcement at second period, he said that Mrs. Scott’s 1/2 block before (which was mine, Gwyn, Eli, Nick, Mike, and Anna’s before) read 225 books this quarter and that we will have a pizza party at lunchtime in Mrs. Scott’s room! We were soooooo HAPPY :)!

We were the smallest Language Arts class in Mrs. Scott…Actually I read 24 books this quarter and Gwyn read 54! The rest of the class probably read 50 (you do the Math :)).

So during lunch, we went to Mrs. Scott’s room along with the students who have lunch detention:)…I ate 3 pizzas: 2 sausage pizzas and 1 cheese pizza (I missed the pepperoni pizza :(..)

Alyse and Ryan was having a pizza contest…Alyse ate 4 pizzas, while Ryan ate 5 pizzas!

It was really a fun “REUNION” for us…

Message to my Language Arts classmates “before” and “now”:

You guys are so AWESOME!!!

Thank you also to Mrs. Scott for being an awesome teacher…And to Papa John’s :).

Universal Studios–LA, California with my Family!

This is a very late post and I APOLOGIZE :)…

January 2, 2013….Yup, right after New Year…We went to Universal Studios, California with my family.


It was really CROWDED, I tell you! We waited for like 100 hours (that’s an exaggeration, it was 2 hours) to get our Annual Pass and to get inside the park! I was so exhausted!


As soon as we entered the amusement park, we saw this guy…


You could tell that I’m so tired (I’m the one with the blue and brown jacket on)!…

We met Count Dracula…Mwahahahaha!




Our first “ride” was Water World…Good thing we didn’t sit at the “You may get wet” chairs :).


You’re not ‘gonna believe this ’cause I took a picture with a girl in American Horror Stories…..


Isn’t she GORGEOUS???I’m talking about myself 🙂 hahah…JK!


This guy is from C.S.I. New York!

After Water World, we ate lunch at Doc Brown’s and it really had a LOOONNNGGGG line! But anyway, the chicken was so delicious!


Next up, Studio Tour!



Picture #1 (left to right)-Me and my sister, Pia at the Studio Tour tram

#2-One of the Back To The Future cars

#3-Fast and Furious (How cars “fly”)


#5-One of the houses from “Desperate Housewives”

#6- “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

#7- “War of the Worlds” and if you recognize, this is were “Fly” by Rihanna feat. Nicki Minaj’s video was taken.

After the Studio Tour, we went to Revenge of the Mummy Ride with Pia, Daddy, Mommy, Ivy, and I…

This is Cleopatra…


We also went to the latest ride in Universal, California…Transformers 3D!


Although it kind of made me dizzy…I sure had FUN and it was sooooo REALISTIC!

We also went to the Jurassic Park Ride…Which was AWESOME!


And finally, our last ride…Shrek 4D!


We really had soooo much fun!!!!!!!


But of course…We didn’t skip dinner! We went to Johnny Rockets…



A Visit to the California ScienCenter

December 31,2012– Together with Aunt Ethel, Uncle Noel, Granddad, Gramma, and Ivy in my aunt and uncle’s car, we went to the California ScienCenter. When we got there, we waited for our whole family but, it was taking long!




So while we were waiting for them, we did lots of fun stuff!






Then finally, our whole family arrived!

To make the long story short, we went to see the recently retired space shuttle, Endeavour!

Endeavour, known as the jewel of the shuttle fleet, traveled over 122 million miles-Astronauts that rode the Endeavour repaired the Hubble Space Telescope, which brought a new understanding of our universe into focus.

The Endeavour’s first flight was on May 1992, and its last flight was on September 2012.

Overall, I think that Endeavour was a hero of repairing and delivering things to space. Thanks to Endeavour, it helped to fix the Hubble Telescope :)!


Picture #1 and 2- Endeavour’s wheels after the last mission

#3- Recycler of leftovers??? (Not so sure :))

#4- Endeavour’s blue print (In that case…White print :))

#5- Endeavour’s last flight and last landing

#6 and 7- Endeavour’s potty 🙂

#8- Endeavour’s 25 missions (not including the 26th mission)

#9- Rocket Operations Support Center

#10- Garrett Reisman, an Endeavour astronaut’s stuff that he brought in his 95-day mission

#11 and 12- Endeavour’s transportation to Los Angeles, California for display in the California ScienCenter.

#13 to 16- The Endeavour!

It was really AWESOME to see the AWESOMENESS of Endeavour, and it was really a privilege to be able to see the latest space shuttle!

After the Endeavour expedition, we went to the Sea Expedition…

sea expedition

Then, we ate popcorn at the small food court, took more pictures outside and went home…

We really had a good and great time as a family at California ScienCenter :).

It was also nice to see some cool stuff and learn about stuff that people rarely know :).

BTW, the pictures were taken by me and my Nintendo DSi :)…

Last Day of School in 2012…

December 21,2012-Earlier in the morning, I looked through the window and found snow all over the place!

When I got to school and put my things in my locker, I headed to room 201, Mrs. Scott’s Language Arts class and when I got there, I gave Mrs. Scott my Christmas gift (a Philippine necklace). When I got to my group’s table along with Ethan, Cinthia, and Anna, we talked about having Winter Break tomorrow and where we will go.

Then, Language Arts class started. We started off by having a spelling test and I got a 19/20 which is a good grade, don’t you think :)? So, after we had a spelling test, we had a 15-minute silent reading time, and at the second period of Language Arts, Mrs. Scott let us play any board games with a partner or a group. I partnered up with Anna and, we played Scrabble…We forgot how to count the scores so we moved on to Boggle, which is one of my favorite word games, but then Ryan and Eli asked us if we wanted to trade with them (their game is Connect Four) so, I asked Anna if she wanted to, and she said sure! So, we started playing Connect Four and I really enjoyed it!

When we exited Mrs. Scott’s room, she gave us big candy canes and she said, “Have a nice winter brake!”

After Language Arts, I headed to Mr. Mielke’s Math room and started our daily routine—taking out our home works from yesterday, write our  learning target, and be ready for the QUIZ! Oh my word, QUIZ!

So, while we were taking our quiz, I thought that it will be crazy HARD but, uh-uh…it was not that hard! Even though I think the quiz wasn’t hard, I wasn’t that sure that I’ll get A+ so, I double checked it, prayed, and turned it in.

After our discussions, one of my classmates greeted Mr. Mielke “Happy Birthday”! He said his age was…Oops! Sorry, I’m not allowed to tell :)…when it was time to pack our things up, Mr. Mielke gave us candy canes!

After I got my Science notebook and book from my locker, I headed to room 203, Mrs. Hughes’ Science classroom. Ugh! The smell in our Science classroom was vomiting! I figured that the smell was an insect preservative, yes, we’re going to dissect a grasshopper.

So, while I was grabbing the dissection tools and the tray, I got a female grasshopper from Mr. Hughes and my partner, Anna and I started working on it! I understood that Anna is totally not going to touch the grasshopper which is natural. Mrs. Hughes gave us a grasshopper worksheet and we have to attach the grasshopper’s assigned body parts! Eeew! So, I cut the body parts and attached it gingerly.

After the dissecting, Mr. Hughes greeted us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

LUNCH! While I was sitting with Michaela, Ana, and Gwyneth in lunch, it was time to deliver the candy grams. I was so excited because of the candy…Jolly Ranchers!

I had two candy grams-one from Ambar and the other from Emma. It was so nice of them to give me candy grams!

When lunch passed, I went to room 205…Mr. Ortega’s Academic Skills room. Mr. Ortega brought cupcakes for us because it was Solomon’s birthday! Then, we joked around and talked about of where we will go this winter break.

After I gathered my things, I went to Mr DuPree’s Foundations class…Guess what? We watched an 8th Grade play called “Midsummer Night’s Sleepover”!!! I sat by Ana, and the play was so funny! It is related to Shakespeare’s (did I spell the name wrong?) “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We had so much fun! When we went back to our Foundations room, Mr. DuPree said, “Goodbye and have a nice winter brake!…Class, I’m not going to miss you”, WHAT WAS THAT FOR!? Anyway, he really said that :(.

Yey! Mrs. Larson, the awesome-est teacher of Social Studies! You ain’t going to believe this…We wrapped a person with gift wrapping and Christmas ribbons! For the girls, we wrapped Hana and for the boys, they wrapped Cale! Oh, my word…I was so AWESOME and FUN! After the wrapping, Mr. Larson said that the girls were the most creative (doo-dee-doo) :). After the wrapping and lecture, we worked on our Christmas word search and I was the first one to finish it! But, Cale said he was finished too so, I went to him while he was helping Ethan with his and ‘ya know what? He wasn’t done! Ethan marked up all the letter grids and Cale got some answer from me…Yeah, Cale! 🙂

………..Phys Ed!!! Mr. Arthurs is our Physical Education teacher. We played against Mrs. Norris’s class…We played Nokum! It was so fun and I even had a scratch on my knee due to catching a ball very near the net, thrown by Ethan :)! And the winner was…Mrs. Norris’s class…:( But for me it’s really OKAY because it was just for FUN! It was awesome to play with Mrs. Norris’s class.

I had a cool and awesome last day of school in 2012…Thank you, classmates and Franklin Middle School, see you in 2013 :)!

My Grandparents’ Arrival…Yes, They ARRIVED!

Yesterday at 2:20 pm, Yvanna (my 1st sister), Reigne (my 3rd sister), Dad, and I drove our way to O’Hare International Airport to pickup my grandparents for their arrival from the Philippines…I was so EXCITED!

We arrived to the airport at around 3:35 pm and saw our grandparents waiting for their baggage! Reigne ran to Granddad (Reigne likes Granddad very much…She’s  kind of Granddad’s girl :)), and we yelled in excitement, “Grandma! Granddad!”.

We were so happy to see them :)! On our way home, we went to Valli Produce to buy some fruits and vegetables. My grandparents enjoyed the grocery store because it’s so BIG and the prices are affordable :)!

When we finally got home, we settled Grandma and Granddad’s baggage and we started opening “Balikbayan Boxes”. Inside the boxes, there are Filipino cloths, necklaces, bracelets, jeepney figurines, Filipino fishes (dead fishes! Ready to eat :)), Christmas gifts from our church members in the Philippines for my sisters and I, etc.

When I finally started to help them look for stuff in the boxes, I found a P.E. T-shirt from our school in the Philippines with hand writings! And, guess what? I found a T-shirt from me with writings from my classmates! Oh, I loved how they remembered me! I think my cousin probably thought of me…Thank you, Denise :)!

So, thank God for the safe arrival of my Grandparents! We hope that we will have a great family time together :)…

Holiday Choral Concert at Franklin Middle School

December 14, 2012

6:40 pm…All-School Chorus (including me), rehearsed at our school auditorium for the Holiday Choral Concert at 7:30 pm.

After the rehearsal, we were getting ready for the start of the concert…As soon as the stage curtains opened, audience began to listen and focus on us.

The first song we sang was “Festival Sanctus” by Leavitt…It is a Latin Christmas Song (one of my favorites :)).

Festival Sanctus by Leavitt…just half of the song was shot 🙂

The second song was “Still, Still, Still,” an Austrian carol, arranged by Wheeler. This is a very calm song and we really enjoyed singing it because after an energetic song, “Festival Sanctus,” now, we all are calm…haaaaaaa.

Then comes another calm song, “In This House Tonight” by Jacobson and Emerson. This song is one of my favorites too because the melody lifts my mind to not think of anything else for a while :)…

In This House Tonight by Jacobson and Emerson…just half of the song was shot 🙂

Then comes my STARDOM…”Joyful, Joyful” by Beethoven, arranged by Lloyd Larson! It’s my stardom because I’m one of the soloists! The other soloists is an eighth grader, Britta…She really has a good voice too! Okay, please watch the video…You’ll like it and this is the only song where we have choreography :)…ENJOY!

Joyful, Joyful by Beethoven, arranged by Lloyd Larson

Those are only the Vocal Ensemble, Lyric Singers, and Concert Choir :)…

Oops! Almost forgot…Our finale song was “Angels Sing Glory” excerpts by Vivaldi and Handel, arranged by Shackley. All the ensembles sang :)…

We really had an AWESOME night…Thanks to our conductress, Mrs. Forbes for all her hard work!

A Popcorn and A Piano Lesson

December 4,2012- I went to my friend’s house, Eliana with Gwyn and Ambar. Carolyn (Eliana, Ambar, and Gwyn’s friend when they were in elementary), also came over!

Eliana decided that we should have popcorn and milkshakes…Yum! So, we put the butter popcorn in the microwave and Eliana microwaved it for 4 minutes…After 3 minutes, I noticed the microwave smoking! I started screaming…”It’s SMOKING! It’s SMOKING!” So, Ana (Eliana) shut the microwave off and Carolyn went outside and threw the burnt popcorn in the waste can in the garage :).

Good thing the smoke alarm didn’t AAALLLAAARRMMM!!!!

Ana’s Dad heard me scream so, he put another popcorn and set the microwave to 2 minutes and there pops a delicious popcorn! After we ate our popcorn and our delicious milkshakes, we played “Slave Game”* and we had so much fun!

5:00 pm-Dad picked me up at Ana’s house to have my first piano lesson here in AMERICA! So, when I arrived in our house…My sister, Pia was having a piano lesson. After her, it’s my turn (duhn-duhn-duhn-duhn)! So, Mrs. Funck (what a cool name, huh?) told me to play what I’m working on right now, so I played “Pachelbel (Canon in C).” Mrs. Funck said that I was AWESOME but I still need to slow my rhythm down a bit.

Mrs. Funck said that I was ready for level 4, which really a challenging level in piano. I thenk God for my first piano lesson here in America and for Mrs. Funck that was willing to give me and my sisters a piano lesson :).


*Slave Game- it’s a game that has a slave owner and slaves. The slave owner punishes/hurts the slaves :).