Funeral Friday

Yesterday, we had a “Funeral Friday” event for Language Arts. Okay, no one really died! The thing is, what we’re learning right now is to make the weak verbs like (bite, run, walk) into incredible new words! So what we did was, we made our own tombstone for our verbs and make a eulogy.

So, each one of us recited our eulogy in-front of the whole class for our assigned verbs and it was so fun!

I was the fourth to last because you know, I’m kind of a SHY girl :). But, we really had fun and some were so funny like mine, “Bite had a digesting degree” hahaha :)!

We really had so much fun ūüôā Thanks to Mrs. Scott, our Language Arts teacher :).

A Visit at the Henry Ford Museum

November 19, 2012- We went to Henry Ford Museum in Michigan…We’ll be staying here in Michigan this Thanksgiving week :)! We went to Henry Ford Museum with my grandma’s cousin (Grandma Rose) and Grandpa Obet…The museum was so cool and AWESOME!


After we payed our entrance, the first car I saw was the Oscar Mayer Hotdog Car :).

After that, we saw President Reagan’s car….


Then of course, we saw President Kennedy’s car…

Then we went to the trains section and we found the U.S. Presidents’ train…

Then I saw the Blue Bird No. 1, 1927 School Bus!

We also found some cars that I don’t know what’s called :)…


Then we went to the Airplanes section and found airplanes there, duh :)!

We also found Amelia Earhearts’ airplane.

We also went to the Lego section which is FUN!

Then I made a small house made of Legos…

We were really happy and this was really an exciting experience for me and my family :)!

Young Adults Battle of the Books 2012 Awarding at…Enchanted Castle!

November 14,2012-¬†The awarding of the Young Adults Battle of the Books (YABOB) 2012 was held at Enchanted Castle…OK, I know what you’re thinking ;)…Enchanted Castle is not for fantasies but is an arcade game place and we had a PIZZA PARTY!!!


St. Joan Middle School – White…621 points!-First place

Franklin Middle School – 577 points!-2nd place

St. Joan Middle School – Red…561 points!-3rd place

Greyson, me, Gwyneth, Eliana, and Abigail were the only ones in our team that came :).


Prize Drawing:

Oh my WORD! I won a stuffed yellow crayon at the prize withdrawal!!!

After the awarding, we went to the arcade place and had so much FUNNN!!!!

We were so HAPPY! It was really a privilege to join the YABOB Franklin Middle School team  and thank you to all AWESOME my teammates :)!

Young Adults Battle of the Books: The Last Battle

October 6,2012-¬†The last battle of the Young Adults Battle of the Books was held in the Wheaton Public Library…We were against Monroe Middle School and Edison Middle School.

Will, Eliana, Hank, and I competed at the first round and I was surprised that I knew maybe half of the questions my teammates didn’t know! So, we really had a great teamwork and we had the same score with Monroe at the first round!

Almas, Will, Eliana, and Gwyneth competed at the second round. The battle was so tight!

Monroe and us were tied :)…

Franklin Middle School – 98 points

Monroe Middle School – 98 points

Edison Middle School – 73 points

A Visit At the Cosley Zoo

October 21,2012-After we went to Evangel Baptist Church, a church member invited us and the other members in her house to have a Bible study. She is one of the church’s pianist.

She told Bridgette, our friend and sometimes our baby-sitter to take us to Cosley Zoo! It was a walking distance and we went with my sisters. We had so much fun and it was free! It was free for all the residents here in Wheaton, Illinois!



These are the first animals that we saw, the ducks…Quack! Quack!

I think this little pony’s name is Hazelnut or something like that :).

Isn’t it cute :)?

These raccoons are so cute! But I think they’re wild…I wonder why sometimes cute animals are the ones that are wild :)…

My first time to see a real WOODPECKER!!!!

This is a sleeping bobcat.

The second picture that says “we bite” is the coolest picture I took!

There were more animals in Cosley Zoo and we had so much fun!

Thank you, Bridgette :)!

Haaaaa……What a Halloween I Had!

Happy Halloween, People! How’s Trick or Treating? Well, I didn’t trick or treat but oh boy! What a Halloween I had this year!

Earlier in school this morning, Mrs. Scott’s Language Arts class dressed up as Greek and Roman gods using bed sheets! I was almost late for school because of dressing and all that stuff.

We didn’t call it a Halloween party but we called it “Decade Day” in Franklin Middle School. In Decade Day, you wear what people wear in the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, etc. So, our (Mrs. Scott’s Language Arts) class voted for wearing bed sheets for being Greek and Roman gods :)! It was so FUUUNNNN!

Then at 6th period (Mr. Ortega’s Academic Skills class), guess what we did…GUEEESSS…..We danced the Oppa Gangnam Style in the hallways :D! Many people were surprised because we did it secretly…Wasn’t that FUN?

After school, ofcourse we went home…Duh! I packed candies for those who will trick or treat but too bad no one did :(!!! But there was this old woman without any costume who did Trick or Treat but it wasn’t that fun hahahha!

We went to Evangel Baptist Church because it was Prayer Meeting and the Spanish people had a Halloween celebration! Me and my sisters went to the church’s gym and the celebration was held there…People weren’t wearing costumes but my sisters and I sure had fun! There were lots of booths like “Bobbing for Apples”, “Mini Golf”, “Bowling”, etc.

We had a loootttt of candies!!!

So, that’s how my Halloween went….

Young Adults Battle of The Books 2012: The 3rd Battle

October 17,2012- The 3rd meet of the Young Adult Battle of the Books was held at Wheaton Public Library. We were against St. Joan Middle School (White) and Hadley Middle School (Black).

Team A competed at the first round. Their names are Greyson, Abigail, Cooper, and Almas. They won the first round!

Then, Team C (which is my team) competed at the second round…I was so NERVOUS!

The group in the right is us…Will, me, Eliana, and Hank.

Then finally, we WOOOONNNNN!!!!

We were so HAPPY! We won 3 battles in a row!

Franklin Middle School- 103 points!!!

St. Joan Middle School  (White)- 100 points

Hadley Middle School  (Black)- 79 points

The next battle with us will be on October 24.

Young Adults Battle of the Books 2012: The First and Second Battle

October 9, 2012-The first meet of the Battle of the Books was held at Wheaton Public Library. I didn’t join because it was ¬†the other team that joined so, I just watched them.

They (Gwyneth, Eliana, Will, and Almas) were against Hubble Middle School (divided in two groups: Hubble Silver and Hubble Purple). And, Franklin Middle School (our first team representatives) won! They had 94 points, Hubble  Purple had 81 points, and Hubble Silver had 63 points!

October 11, 2012-The second Battle of the Books competition was held at Wheaton Public Library  and I was part of it with Hank, Will, and Eliana! FYI, Will read 18 out of 20 books already! Ha!

Hank was the bell ringer, Will was our spokesman, I was the dry-erase board writer, and Eliana was the eraser :)! I was so excited and nervous at the same time :D! Will and Eliana knew almost all the answers to the questions, I ¬†knew some of the questions Will and Eliana didn’t know :).


BTW, the quiz master was one of the librarians :).

We were against Monroe Middle School and Edison Middle School!

Guess what??? WE WOOONNNN! Yey!

Franklin Middle School- 106 points!!!

Monroe Middle School- 90 points

Edison Middle School- 59 points

The next battle with us will be on October 17, 2012.

Our First Visit at Legoland Discovery Center

October 8, 2012- We visited Legoland Discovery Center at Schuamburg, Illinois. It was really fun and we brought a pumpkin for a $5 ticket discount :)!

So, we entered and went to our first fun ride: the Laser Quest…

Then we watched two short, Lego movies in 4D!


We also went to the Lego factory.


Then there was this Lego-building “Academy” and we built Count Brickula!


We really had fun!

Todd Komarnicki at Wheaton College

October 4, 2012-¬†Todd Komarnicki, the producer of the movie “Elf” visited Wheaton College for a Q&A session and a free viewing of the movie.

Before the interviewing and the previewing, there was an “Early Christmas candy eating.” YUMMY! I ate lots of candy canes :)…


There was also a photo booth. Someone disguised as Buddy (the ¬†main character in “Elf”) and I took pictures with him! He was so funny :D!


Then finally! It was time for the Interviewing session. There was a woman (I forgot the name) that interviewed Todd.

Then, the Wheaton College students had a chance to question Mr. Komarnicki…I had a question and I was the youngest that questioned Todd!


I asked him: Mr. Kobarnicki, what inspired you in producing this movie?

Some of Todd’s answers :): I made this movie to entertain kids and to make them have the spirit of Christmas.

Actually, Mr. Komarnicki was a Wheaton College graduate in the 1980’s!

After the Q&A, it was time to watch “Elf!” But, I hurried to Todd and asked for his autograph to be signed on the “Elf” poster.

Fact: I have watched the movie when I was like 8 years old so, it was a privilege to meet the producer of my all-time favorite Christmas movie!

Don’t forget to watch it :)…