Feeling Worthless?

Everybody felt the feeling of being worthless…even me! It’s natural to feel unwanted. But guess what? If you feel like you just want to die or if you feel like no one cares for you…Someone does!

Here…watch this video by Holly Starr :)..

How do you feel now? Still not worth it?

Well, I’ll tell you what…Hebrews 13: 5 says that :

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you.”



God will never leave you even if you think He doesn’t care anymore. H can forgive you of your sins and you can talk to Him through prayer and if you follow His Will, He will give you more blessings you’ll ever get :).

Turn your frown upside down, put on a smiling face :).

You’re beautiful…God created You in His own image.


Kingdom Rock 2013 VBS

July 19, 2013– It was my first time to volunteer! I really had fun and I had new friends :). I was the assistant leader for the group “Pages.”

Our theme was “Kingdom Rock” and at the first day, our focus was that God’s love helps us stand strong. At the second day, our focus was that FAMILY AND FRIENDS HELP US STAND STRONG. At the third day, our focus was that PRAYING TO GOD HELPS US STAND STRONG. At the fourth day, our focus was that TRUSTING GOD HELPS US STAND STRONG. At the last day, our focus was that THE BIBLE HELPS US STAND STRONG.

The kids really enjoyed attending our VBS and you just don’t know how energetic they are! They are way too far from energetic!

God really did a job well done in our VBS! We really enjoyed it and we hope to see more kids next year 🙂


Why is it Important to Allow and Appreciate Diversity?

Diversity is an important thing that we should allow and appreciate because all people are different physically,mentally, and spiritually. You won’t find a person that is exactly like you!

You shouldn’t make fun of diversity too because people are living things. You are a person, so if you want to be treated as a normal person, treat other people just as you want to be treated! I mean, think about it! Would you want to be called stinky and cruel names? Would you want to be bullied?

We shouldn’t look at people’s appearance. We should look at how they act, how good, and kind they are. It’s the same thing as the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

I think that above all, diversity is awesome. Being unique and different is cool!

This, this is for all the girls, boys all over the world
Whatever you’ve been told, you’re worth more than gold
So hold your head up high, it’s your time to shine
From the inside out it shows, you’re worth more than gold  

Gold by Britt Nicole


Eat For The Poor

Dad: Caasi, finish your food!

Me: I don’t want to…I’m full!

Dad: Why did you take that much if you can’t even finish it?

Me: I didn’t know

Dad: Just eat it…many people don’t have the opportunity to eat lots of foods

Me: Will the poor people be full if I eat my food?

It was such a fun night!


Hanging Out with my Buddies at the Snow!


Ana, Gwyn, Ambar, and I hang out every Friday after school…

This time, it was sooooo FUN!

We went sledding at our place’s library…yeah, you may think it’s weird to sled at the library. But, there’s this big “square hole” by the library that was filled with hills of snow, so Ana thought that it might be fun sledding in there (I think we’re the only ones that sledded there :)).

So, everyone agreed and went. At first, I thought it was a CRAZY idea to sled at the library, but it was sooo mmmuuuuccchhhh FUUUNNN!!!

Ana went to get sleds in her house…

Ana was the first one to try sledding on the highest snow hill, and she had a good landing! So, I tried sledding but boy, oh, boy…I failed! I landed at the side of the snow hill and bumped myself on the stone wall! Ugh! Thank God, there was no damage and it didn’t hurt, but I had lots of snow on my body! I was freezing cold! So, I stopped for a while as I watched Gwyn go down the snow hill with a perfect landing.

Next comes Ambar, she fell too! But not on the walls :)!

So, was I having an unlucky day or what?

When I finally had the guts to start sledding again, I had a pretty good landing!

Then, we tried sledding in the other snow hill that was  narrow and high. I had a perfect landing!

We had so much fun, and we had lots of frost bites but anyways, my FRIENDS are AWESOME!

My Grandparents’ Arrival…Yes, They ARRIVED!

Yesterday at 2:20 pm, Yvanna (my 1st sister), Reigne (my 3rd sister), Dad, and I drove our way to O’Hare International Airport to pickup my grandparents for their arrival from the Philippines…I was so EXCITED!

We arrived to the airport at around 3:35 pm and saw our grandparents waiting for their baggage! Reigne ran to Granddad (Reigne likes Granddad very much…She’s  kind of Granddad’s girl :)), and we yelled in excitement, “Grandma! Granddad!”.

We were so happy to see them :)! On our way home, we went to Valli Produce to buy some fruits and vegetables. My grandparents enjoyed the grocery store because it’s so BIG and the prices are affordable :)!

When we finally got home, we settled Grandma and Granddad’s baggage and we started opening “Balikbayan Boxes”. Inside the boxes, there are Filipino cloths, necklaces, bracelets, jeepney figurines, Filipino fishes (dead fishes! Ready to eat :)), Christmas gifts from our church members in the Philippines for my sisters and I, etc.

When I finally started to help them look for stuff in the boxes, I found a P.E. T-shirt from our school in the Philippines with hand writings! And, guess what? I found a T-shirt from me with writings from my classmates! Oh, I loved how they remembered me! I think my cousin probably thought of me…Thank you, Denise :)!

So, thank God for the safe arrival of my Grandparents! We hope that we will have a great family time together :)…

Funeral Friday

Yesterday, we had a “Funeral Friday” event for Language Arts. Okay, no one really died! The thing is, what we’re learning right now is to make the weak verbs like (bite, run, walk) into incredible new words! So what we did was, we made our own tombstone for our verbs and make a eulogy.

So, each one of us recited our eulogy in-front of the whole class for our assigned verbs and it was so fun!

I was the fourth to last because you know, I’m kind of a SHY girl :). But, we really had fun and some were so funny like mine, “Bite had a digesting degree” hahaha :)!

We really had so much fun 🙂 Thanks to Mrs. Scott, our Language Arts teacher :).

Young Adults Battle of the Books: The Last Battle

October 6,2012- The last battle of the Young Adults Battle of the Books was held in the Wheaton Public Library…We were against Monroe Middle School and Edison Middle School.

Will, Eliana, Hank, and I competed at the first round and I was surprised that I knew maybe half of the questions my teammates didn’t know! So, we really had a great teamwork and we had the same score with Monroe at the first round!

Almas, Will, Eliana, and Gwyneth competed at the second round. The battle was so tight!

Monroe and us were tied :)…

Franklin Middle School – 98 points

Monroe Middle School – 98 points

Edison Middle School – 73 points