The Crossing Guard Near Our School

The crossing guard near our school…

I call him Mr. G, he is a pretty old man, but he is happy, strong, and ongoing.

Every time me and my sisters with my mom, walk home from school, we walk across the street where Mr. G is in-charge with. He always give us Tootsie Rolls, Dubble Bubble, and Jolly Ranchers.

Sometimes, when he doesn’t have candy for us, he says, “Sorry, li’l kids! Forgot to bring one for ya’ll”…

I enjoyed walking home from school because of the candies he would always give us.

When winter came, we no longer walk home from school…My Dad drives us to our house. So, I don’t always see him now.

But one day, my sister told me that Mr. G got sick, and their school gave cards for him. I felt really bad!

Still, snow pours, my Dad sill drives us to go home…

One day, I was asking my sister what happened with Mr. G, she had a frown in her face and said, “He passed away.”

I thought that she was joking because she always jokes around but yes, what she said was true.

I felt so sad….