Last Day of School in 2012…

December 21,2012-Earlier in the morning, I looked through the window and found snow all over the place!

When I got to school and put my things in my locker, I headed to room 201, Mrs. Scott’s Language Arts class and when I got there, I gave Mrs. Scott my Christmas gift (a Philippine necklace). When I got to my group’s table along with Ethan, Cinthia, and Anna, we talked about having Winter Break tomorrow and where we will go.

Then, Language Arts class started. We started off by having a spelling test and I got a 19/20 which is a good grade, don’t you think :)? So, after we had a spelling test, we had a 15-minute silent reading time, and at the second period of Language Arts, Mrs. Scott let us play any board games with a partner or a group. I partnered up with Anna and, we played Scrabble…We forgot how to count the scores so we moved on to Boggle, which is one of my favorite word games, but then Ryan and Eli asked us if we wanted to trade with them (their game is Connect Four) so, I asked Anna if she wanted to, and she said sure! So, we started playing Connect Four and I really enjoyed it!

When we exited Mrs. Scott’s room, she gave us big candy canes and she said, “Have a nice winter brake!”

After Language Arts, I headed to Mr. Mielke’s Math room and started our daily routine—taking out our home works from yesterday, write our  learning target, and be ready for the QUIZ! Oh my word, QUIZ!

So, while we were taking our quiz, I thought that it will be crazy HARD but, uh-uh…it was not that hard! Even though I think the quiz wasn’t hard, I wasn’t that sure that I’ll get A+ so, I double checked it, prayed, and turned it in.

After our discussions, one of my classmates greeted Mr. Mielke “Happy Birthday”! He said his age was…Oops! Sorry, I’m not allowed to tell :)…when it was time to pack our things up, Mr. Mielke gave us candy canes!

After I got my Science notebook and book from my locker, I headed to room 203, Mrs. Hughes’ Science classroom. Ugh! The smell in our Science classroom was vomiting! I figured that the smell was an insect preservative, yes, we’re going to dissect a grasshopper.

So, while I was grabbing the dissection tools and the tray, I got a female grasshopper from Mr. Hughes and my partner, Anna and I started working on it! I understood that Anna is totally not going to touch the grasshopper which is natural. Mrs. Hughes gave us a grasshopper worksheet and we have to attach the grasshopper’s assigned body parts! Eeew! So, I cut the body parts and attached it gingerly.

After the dissecting, Mr. Hughes greeted us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

LUNCH! While I was sitting with Michaela, Ana, and Gwyneth in lunch, it was time to deliver the candy grams. I was so excited because of the candy…Jolly Ranchers!

I had two candy grams-one from Ambar and the other from Emma. It was so nice of them to give me candy grams!

When lunch passed, I went to room 205…Mr. Ortega’s Academic Skills room. Mr. Ortega brought cupcakes for us because it was Solomon’s birthday! Then, we joked around and talked about of where we will go this winter break.

After I gathered my things, I went to Mr DuPree’s Foundations class…Guess what? We watched an 8th Grade play called “Midsummer Night’s Sleepover”!!! I sat by Ana, and the play was so funny! It is related to Shakespeare’s (did I spell the name wrong?) “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We had so much fun! When we went back to our Foundations room, Mr. DuPree said, “Goodbye and have a nice winter brake!…Class, I’m not going to miss you”, WHAT WAS THAT FOR!? Anyway, he really said that :(.

Yey! Mrs. Larson, the awesome-est teacher of Social Studies! You ain’t going to believe this…We wrapped a person with gift wrapping and Christmas ribbons! For the girls, we wrapped Hana and for the boys, they wrapped Cale! Oh, my word…I was so AWESOME and FUN! After the wrapping, Mr. Larson said that the girls were the most creative (doo-dee-doo) :). After the wrapping and lecture, we worked on our Christmas word search and I was the first one to finish it! But, Cale said he was finished too so, I went to him while he was helping Ethan with his and ‘ya know what? He wasn’t done! Ethan marked up all the letter grids and Cale got some answer from me…Yeah, Cale! 🙂

………..Phys Ed!!! Mr. Arthurs is our Physical Education teacher. We played against Mrs. Norris’s class…We played Nokum! It was so fun and I even had a scratch on my knee due to catching a ball very near the net, thrown by Ethan :)! And the winner was…Mrs. Norris’s class…:( But for me it’s really OKAY because it was just for FUN! It was awesome to play with Mrs. Norris’s class.

I had a cool and awesome last day of school in 2012…Thank you, classmates and Franklin Middle School, see you in 2013 :)!

A Sleepover and A Violin

The Sleepover:

Two nights ago, me and my Dad cycled all the way to my friend’s (Eliana’s) house and it took us FOREVER! I used my two-wheeled scooter and Dad used his two-wheeled bike. When I got to Eliana’s house, I was so exhausted…Eliana and Gwyneth (our Indonesian friend that also had a sleepover with us) told me that I was late…No wonder!

So, I got my PJ’s on and Eliana popped popcorn in the microwave then, we watched “Aladdin” with Eliana’s mom, Carmen. The movie didn’t have a good quality because it was borrowed from the library and it was a VHS which is old (I think) but anyways, we enjoyed the movie so much and it reminded us of our awesome Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Larson because our lesson for this semester was about Muslims and Arabia :).

I ate lots of popcorn because for a 100 years I haven’t eaten popcorn! This was like my first time to eat popcorn in a year! So, I ate 2 1/2 bowls of popcorn with parmesan cheese and the few cereals that I brought, Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes :). After Aladdin, we had our “chit-chat” time with Carmen about dreams and our favorite parts in Aladdin. We talked like an hour and we slept about 11:30 p.m. So, we slept…

The next day…

But suddenly, I woke up at 3:00 a.m.! I didn’t know why but I was really awake, so I forced myself to sleep again :). Finally, I woke up at 6:50 a.m. and I woke Eliana up…She was still tired but didn’t get back to sleep. We waited for Gwyneth to wake up. Finally, she woke up at 7:13 a.m. and we made pancake from scratch (without adult supervision haha!) and I made scrambled eggs with cheese. Eliana also microwaved sausages and it was so delicious!

After we ate and took a bath, we played the “Slave Game” which was invented by Eliana’s friend at North Carolina. The Slave Game is a game that there are 2 slaves that are called “Slave #1 and Slave #2.” There is also a slave owner that hurts her/his slaves whenever they show unfaithfulness and all that :).

Well after we had fun, it was time for me to leave. I leaved around 11:00 a.m. I think. So, we all said good-bye to each other.

The Violin:

Me, my parents, and my sisters went to a violin lesson…By the way my teacher, Mrs. Betty Ecklund was from Evangel Baptist Church (where we attend church here in America). She offered me a violin lesson for 30 minutes every weekend and she loaned me a violin. It was really a BIG blessing for me because my music desire was not only to play the piano but to also play the violin! So, THANK GOD!