My Grandparents’ Arrival…Yes, They ARRIVED!

Yesterday at 2:20 pm, Yvanna (my 1st sister), Reigne (my 3rd sister), Dad, and I drove our way to O’Hare International Airport to pickup my grandparents for their arrival from the Philippines…I was so EXCITED!

We arrived to the airport at around 3:35 pm and saw our grandparents waiting for their baggage! Reigne ran to Granddad (Reigne likes Granddad very much…She’s ┬ákind of Granddad’s girl :)), and we yelled in excitement, “Grandma! Granddad!”.

We were so happy to see them :)! On our way home, we went to Valli Produce to buy some fruits and vegetables. My grandparents enjoyed the grocery store because it’s so BIG and the prices are affordable :)!

When we finally got home, we settled Grandma and Granddad’s baggage and we started opening “Balikbayan Boxes”. Inside the boxes, there are Filipino cloths, necklaces, bracelets, jeepney figurines, Filipino fishes (dead fishes! Ready to eat :)), Christmas gifts from our church members in the Philippines for my sisters and I, etc.

When I finally started to help them look for stuff in the boxes, I found a P.E. T-shirt from our school in the Philippines with hand writings! And, guess what? I found a T-shirt from me with writings from my classmates! Oh, I loved how they remembered me! I think my cousin probably thought of me…Thank you, Denise :)!

So, thank God for the safe arrival of my Grandparents! We hope that we will have a great family time together :)…