Pizza Party with Mrs. Scott!

January 22, 2013-Lunch period at Mrs. Scott’s classroom…PIZZA PARTY!!!

Mrs. Scott is no longer my Language Arts teacher, same with my classmates because we changed schedules…I’m now with Ms. Jimenez class along with Gwyn, Eli, Nick, Mike, and Anna.

When Mr. Kish (our assistant principal) went over with the morning announcement at second period, he said that Mrs. Scott’s 1/2 block before (which was mine, Gwyn, Eli, Nick, Mike, and Anna’s before) read 225 books this quarter and that we will have a pizza party at lunchtime in Mrs. Scott’s room! We were soooooo HAPPY :)!

We were the smallest Language Arts class in Mrs. Scott…Actually I read 24 books this quarter and Gwyn read 54! The rest of the class probably read 50 (you do the Math :)).

So during lunch, we went to Mrs. Scott’s room along with the students who have lunch detention:)…I ate 3 pizzas: 2 sausage pizzas and 1 cheese pizza (I missed the pepperoni pizza :(..)

Alyse and Ryan was having a pizza contest…Alyse ate 4 pizzas, while Ryan ate 5 pizzas!

It was really a fun “REUNION” for us…

Message to my Language Arts classmates “before” and “now”:

You guys are so AWESOME!!!

Thank you also to Mrs. Scott for being an awesome teacher…And to Papa John’s :).


Young Adults Battle of the Books 2012 Awarding at…Enchanted Castle!

November 14,2012- The awarding of the Young Adults Battle of the Books (YABOB) 2012 was held at Enchanted Castle…OK, I know what you’re thinking ;)…Enchanted Castle is not for fantasies but is an arcade game place and we had a PIZZA PARTY!!!


St. Joan Middle School – White…621 points!-First place

Franklin Middle School – 577 points!-2nd place

St. Joan Middle School – Red…561 points!-3rd place

Greyson, me, Gwyneth, Eliana, and Abigail were the only ones in our team that came :).


Prize Drawing:

Oh my WORD! I won a stuffed yellow crayon at the prize withdrawal!!!

After the awarding, we went to the arcade place and had so much FUNNN!!!!

We were so HAPPY! It was really a privilege to join the YABOB Franklin Middle School team  and thank you to all AWESOME my teammates :)!